Counting elements in a zone

The ECS is a UNIQUE element counting solution that automatically differentiates between the elements detected by its on-board AI, enabling specific elements to be counted with great reliability.

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ECST, a certified industrial box with on-board AI, fully autonomous for counting various elements in a space

Yumain's ECS solution represents an innovative response to a number of problems associated with counting various elements in transport. Compact and easy to install, this camera with on-board AI is able to differentiate between elements passing in front of it, and to count the desired ones. The video stream is analyzed locally, and only the counting data is sent automatically, thus avoiding any data protection issues.

Robust AI for reliable, adaptive counting

The ECS, with its on-board AI, is an essential support for operators in the urban sector, enabling them to automatically and efficiently carry out targeted counting thanks to the use of AI. This AI, following the training of neural networks over a long period representing all the seasons in particular, enables highly reliable results, even with the variations that the various elements to be counted may undergo. What's more, the work carried out so far has focused on strollers and wheelchairs, but the AI, with some learning, can count many other items, such as scooters or bicycles. 

On-board counting to comply with RGPD

The ECS, with its on-board AI, is a major asset for urban operators. It centralizes all video streams from bus and streetcar door cameras for real-time analysis and counting. And because the video stream is processed entirely locally, there is no personal data recording, only the count file, updated in real time. All of these provisions thus resolve any data regulation issues, particularly in terms of RGPD, since the video streams are analyzed and then directly destroyed, all in the ECS box directly.

ECS, with the AI embedded in its sensor, brings a wealth of benefits

Compact, self-contained product with quick and easy commissioning

Fits directly into vehicle interiors, without disturbing users

A solution that respects users' privacy and complies with RGPD standards

High reliability thanks to robust AI.

Device image

ECST dimensions

Robust, certified IA enclosure

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The ECS Safety, with its artificial intelligence, is an advanced sensor dedicated to preventing the risk of collision in sensitive areas. It provides real-time detection and analysis of high-risk situations.

Following a predefined detection strategy, the ECS activates alerts for pedestrians and/or forklift drivers when it detects a dangerous situation, anticipating any risk of collision.

ECS Safety ensures that productivity is maintained at an optimum level by issuing alerts only when the zone analyzed presents a risk situation according to the strategy defined, for example, by alerting only in the event of the simultaneous presence of a forklift truck and a pedestrian. The extremely precise definition of the monitored zone eliminates any dead zones, guaranteeing complete safety. This stand-alone solution requires no Wi-Fi connection or customer IT network. What's more, it complies strictly with RGPD standards, enabling images to be analyzed for doubt removal or not retained.

Various warning systems can be used to alert those involved to the situation.

The ECS Safety sensor offers two types of technology for broadcasting alerts: wired and wireless.

In the case of wired technology, there are several warning systems available. Firstly, the industrial spotlight can project a pictogram on the floor or wall, indicating various warnings such as "attention", "danger piéton", "danger chariot", or "sens interdit". This device offers remarkable flexibility, with the option of using different pictograms according to specific needs. In addition, illuminated bollards are deployed to emit visual signals, and audible bollards emit auditory alerts, ensuring multi-level communication of detected risks. All these means of alert, integrated with wired technology, guarantee effective dissemination of warnings generated by the ECS Safety sensor, enhancing safety in sensitive areas.

ECS Safety is particularly easy to install. All you need to do is position the sensor at a height of between 3 and 5 metres, at an angle to suit the area to be monitored. A simple connection to the power supply is all that's required, as the sensor operates completely autonomously.

Output relay

Number of relays


Relay type

Solid state relay

Maximum switching voltage

60 V

Dielectric strength between input/output​​

1000 MΩ @ 500VDC

Contact resistance

0.7 Ω

Typical priming time

1.3 ms

Max. priming time

5 ms

Typical fall-out time

0.1 ms

Max. drop-off time

0.5 ms

Courant de charge continue

1.1 A

Isolated inputs

Number of entries


Input voltage

12 - 48 VDC, non-polarized

Input resistance 1 μs

Dielectric strength between input/output​​

10^14 Ω


12 -24 VDC

Typical consumption

5W à 10W

Max. consumption peaks


Power connector

M12 – 4 positions

Terminal block cable sector M12 - coding X 
Input/output connector

M12 – 8 positions




114mm x 150 mm (excluding connectors) 


Due to the evolution of standards and equipment, the characteristics indicated in the texts on this site are only binding after confirmation by our services.





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Example of internal image analysis operation


On January 19, 2021, the E.C.S. Product with its pantograph detection and analysis application won us the Embedded Trophy in the Industry & Services IoT category.

This award was presented to us by CEA-List, a partner who has been with us since the beginning and recognizes Yumain's skills in embedded AI.

Trophée détourée de l'embarqué IOT industrie & services décerné a Yumain

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