Supervision of level crossings 

ECS, with its on-board AI, is a UNIQUE solution designed to monitor in real time the correct operation of safety devices on a line, and to alert operators and users in the event of a hazard being detected.

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 ECS, Yumain's camera with on-board AI for supervision and situation analysis around level crossings

The numerous incidents that occur on and around level crossings have a highly penalizing impact on the operator, and have led to the emergence of the need for a system that can immediately detect the slightest failure in level crossing safety devices, as well as identify the bad behavior that causes incidents.

Yumain's ECS solution is therefore an innovative level-crossing monitoring device that addresses many of the key issues associated with level-crossing supervision. It is very compact, and can be placed at the edge of the level crossing, requiring only a connection to the electrical network to operate.

Identify bad behavior as a cause of incidents and alert users

Our level-crossing surveillance system helps operators and maintainers to ensure the safety of users at level crossings, by identifying misbehavior on the part of users and causes of accidents on the crossing, and alerting them via alerts that can take a variety of forms to prevent possible incidents. What's more, in the event of an incident, the images used to resolve any doubts are automatically recorded..

Prevent failures of level crossings safety devices

Our level crossing monitoring system provides essential support to operators and maintenance managers wishing to guarantee the safety of users on level crossings, by providing real-time information on the operating status of the various safety devices on the crossing, thanks to reliable data derived solely from useful alerts linked to these safety devices.

accident voiture passage à niveau
ecs view dashboard

Enable efficient corrective maintenance and reduce incident costs

Notre dispositif de surveillance de passage à niveau offre un soutien essentiel aux exploitants et responsables de maintenance. Il permet de réaliser de la maintenance curative rapidement via la détection en temps réel de disfonctionnements des organes de sécurité et la centralisation de ces rapports d'alertes ainsi que des images de levée de doutes dans notre outil de gestion de données, l'ECS-View, permettant ainsi de pouvoir les visionner à tout moment et de pouvoir jauger les situations à distance. De plus, en prévenant ainsi les incidents, il contribue à diminuer le budget lié à ces derniers. 

An ECS-VIEW demo is available online

ECS, with the AI embedded in its sensor, brings a wealth of benefits

Compact, self-contained product with quick and easy commissioning

Generates real-time alerts for users and maintenance managers, increasing safety

A solution that actively and passively reduces the number of incidents, thereby cutting costs

Only useful information with detailed reports. All centralized in an easy-to-use and efficient tool, ECS View.

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